Our Affiliate Platform Services

We Offer More Than Just Great Internet Advertising!

Our eBay,Amazon,Clickbank platforms (Just a few examples) you receive as a member are simply the best available anywhere on the internet today period!

What we focused on was simplicity no database is needed for the end user and also they needed to be made so simple anyone can use the platforms. But we did not stop there out platforms also had to be cell phone friendly and all optimized as much as possible for the search engines and all done with a click of a mouse. Search around on the net for yourselves watch their videos and then watch ours below on this page. You will see real quick huge differences and what makes our platforms superior in many respects.

(Also we are currently working on another another NEW platform (Spotify) which should be released I am told by our programmers within three months.)

If you are fed up of being a affiliate and not making any sales well those days are over our platforms have been tested in all the search engines for over a period of four years and these platforms have been in development for almost eight years! They are continuously updated and improved upon as needed to insure success to everyone who uses them.

What we have done is simply build a system that allows anyone to generate real html written pages web pages on YOUR OWN DOMAIN that are optimized for the search engines instantly. We do not use web scraping we use a all new technology that we created that no one has.

Ask Yourself This Question

Let say you wanted to build 100 web pages about different products or affiliate products you want to promote on the internet or even your own personal website how long do you think it would take you to build them from scratch in a html editor? Remember we are talking about REAL html written pages not some dynamically generated pages. The search engines know the difference and it has a does effect on your indexing and web traffic. And after they are built you will need to do some seo work on them and link them together correctly.When all that is done you will need to get a xml sitemap generated and of course you would have to have experiance at this and be good at it. How long you think it might take?

We do not use articles that are re written nothing like that or blogging tactics at all! The fact is those methods are for the most part these days are dead you can get your site banned for those tactics if your not careful. Well for the sake of argument let's say it takes you a week to do you would have to be a expert and work everyday all day. Then play the waiting game to see what happens are they being indexed,amI getting traffic ect.

Our platforms do that in less than a second! And to top it all off everything mentioned above will be done perfectly and a whole lot more. Also they will be live online in your domain instantaneously! We once did a test to try to find a limit to our platforms once we generated (In Testing) over 750.000 webpages in 3 seconds used over 15 gig of space on the domain!

Of course we cannot allow anyone to do that, but in exhustive testing we found about 8.500 pages to be the max so we limit it to 2500 pages per domain the first year and these are built up over the course of a year basically 300 a month. You cannot take a new domain and go from 0 to 5000 in a single day without it being noticed by the search engines because your domain will be banned.

These platforms can and will retire you in time, they enable anyone regardless of experience to literally build a internet empire for any affiliate program and this isn't a exaggeration of any kind.

Would you like to see this in action? Watch the video at the bottom of this page and you will see in real time use of this platform and also watch us check it out the basic seo of a few pages live on the internet.

Our Marketing Platform Is Growing Exponentially

Because of all the new platform's we use (Like our search engine for example) what is not known yet just is by submitting you url and having it indexed into our database absolutely guarantee's you web traffic from hundreds up to thousands of different web pages. Also we would like to say all url's are indexed instantly and will start showing up on hundreds of domains and thousands of web pages instantly. But your url and description of your site will only show up on sites that are related to what your web site is all about.

These web pages are in hundreds of different url's and in time it will be in the thousands covering every topic you could ever possibly imagine you will recieve traffic from domains you never heard of. And if your affiliate or even your personal web site is in our search engine you will make more sales. But to be clear it of course your domain does not have to be a affiliate website it can be anything from blogs to family picture's. It does not matter if it's in our search engine it is going to show up in the network!

Our internet advertising platform is under your full control at all times YOU control how you want your ads to display also where and when even what country's and even what keywords required if you like and the also the time of day from your member's area! And since you are a publisher and a advertisier at the same time you can custom taylor what you want on your web pages. And everything can be done from just one place.

To really understand what this is all about I highly encourage you to watch the video's below soon as you do you will see for yourself what in the past most thought was impossible to do now is made possible.