Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about ad placement and types.

Absolutely: At anytime you can log in your control panel and will be able to see what domains are showing your ads and review them. If you do not approve of what you see you simply click the disapprove link and all of your ads that show on that domain are removed instantly.

When you include you domain in our advertising platform our search engine looks it over and based on its content then lists the recomended categorys for you and by default starts showing your ads in those categorys. However you can add or remove categorys at any time or choose your own categorys from our master list or simply use what is recomended.

Each category you view will also contain all domains using that category and you can preview the site and disapprove any domain in the list that you feel isn't a good match for you ads.

Any site you decide to disapprove your ads will also stop showing on that site. We also have a category called everywhere if you choose this as one of your categorys any and all sites in that category will show your ads. This also means your domain that you added the everywhere category to will also show any and all advertisments in the entire network.

If you for example you have a video ad then your video ad will only show on pages that also want to show video ads on their site which can be done in many different ways. (See our ad type video in your members area for more detailed information on all of the above questions)

This is a good question and the answer is this it simply will not happen. As a member our search engine will spider all the members domains that the member adds in the members area (which is unlimited) This lets us know where to expect any of our ad platform codes might be located and displayed. Or you can simply visit our search engine and add them manually yourself and by default it checks our database to see if you are a member.

Members and non members can add a url to our search engine from anywhere in the world like all the others. But for your ads to be shown in our network our search engine spiders will also be looking for any of our ad codes that are in the html of the url that was submitted.

If any of our ad display codes are not found in the html of the url they submitted in the members area and they are a active member then any ads that they place in the members area will not be shown. You recieve free web hosting with membership up to 10 domains and wide open so we require at least one domain carry an ad of some type.

The best way to do all this is to simply look over what size and type and style of ads you want to show on your website. Then copy the codes provided and add them to your site where you would like the ads to display. When finished live ads will display on your website for what ever size or type you picked will be displayed.

Once done simply go back to your members area and click the update all domains button. That triggers our system to spider your urls again which happens instantly. Then our system will see the codes and activate your ads you placed in your members area and also send a email saying your ads you placed are now live in the netwok. If you did not change any content the same categorys that your ads will show up in will remain the same.

If you have a website that updates and changes it content all the time on its own like a blog for example then for that url in your members area simply click the auto update category button also you can use the auto update for any domain if you wish.

Our system spiders ALL members sites once a week at different times to insure the proper ads based on their web page content in the system are showing ads in the proper categorys.

Also if someone tries to add the proper codes to a blank webpage we have checks and balances built in the system to prevent this from happening as well. I will list just a few of these here one being when our search engine spiders your site it must have content.

The site will be checked for the ad code or codes and our search engine also knows if the code is being hidden from view from visitors using a two step system. We know all the tricks with 30 years experience in programming and marketing we are fairly certain we covered every method to try to fool our system. If a problem is found automatically the system will stop showing your ads and send that person a email letting them know to fix the problem.

The explantions listed above are just a few of the methods we use to insure no cheating and quality thruout our advertising network. If you have any other questions on any of this contact us and we will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have.

Yes you can even if you do not have a website of any kind for or you are a affiliate of some company and they provided you some promotional material to use like banners,videos,text ads,dhtml style ads anything any size what ever it is we have it covered.

What we offer is a flat rate on unlimited impressions for 30 days. By doing this it makes it simple for you because you will not have to worry about someone just clicking your ad over and over and getting charged for it.

Also the ad that you insert by default our platform will build a rss feed for it and display with others over the entire network as well as hundreds of rss directorys and other web pages all over the world.

We could offer ppc,top ad placement, and everything else the entire industry offers but here we like to keep it simple. Also our prices are the lowest in the industry and with real results no bots!

Billing questions

All of our billing is a standard flat rate as advertised. The only exception to this is the web hosting that we sell to non members and this is the only monthly charge we have.
Yes you can we offer this because we understand some people do not like using credit card's on the internet because of all the fraud going on. Simply call us or send us a email letting us know you will be sending it so we know to expect it.