A Few Online Marketing Features We Offer Are Listed Below:

  • You can use our web promotion system to promote anything on the internet using every form of internet marketing that is known
  • Unlimited number of ads.
  • Unlimited number of zones (places where you display ads), these may be on the same server where the ad system runs or on remote servers.
  • Multiple ways to display ads - iframe, javascript, PHP include,DHTML ,RSS feeds html and much more...
  • Ability to load a new ad of any format after a given number of seconds.
  • Editable number of campaigns, each campaign has its own configuration. For example you can select days (Sunday, Monday ...), hours, range of dates when an ad should be displayed, and more.
  • Campaigns can be based on zones and also on keywords (you call one or more keywords on a page and the system selects an ad to display by the given keywords this way your ads are very targeted)
  • The option to target ads by countries, time, days in week, dates.
  • The option to target ads to mobile phones and/or to computers.
  • Each campaign has its own real-time statistic's.
  • Historical statistic for days/months in the past.
  • Statistic can contain country and URL of each impression and click.
  • Maps are available for country statistics.
  • And much more ...

Available Ad Types

All ad types are fully customizable.

  • Banners (any size)
  • Text ads (Google style)
  • Comes in all sizes and formats you can control size,color,
  • Text + image ads (Facebook style)
  • Videos any size
  • Full page ads
  • Page peel ads
  • Popup and popunders
  • Sticky ads bar
  • TakeOver ads
  • Multiple DHTML ad types: Virtual pages, Slide in, News style, Complete page
  • Rss Feeds are instantly made for your website and inserted into our search engine this comes with being a member. From there they are displayed on thousands of web pages everyday in our search results which are also displayed on hundreds of thousands of webpages from from RSS feeds that our network produces. Also as a added bonus you instantly will have thousands of backlinks going to your site.